Packaging careers in plastic, paper/paperboard and metal/glass with heavy emphasis in monolayer/coextruded or laminated flexible film as well as rigid thermoformed or blow molded containers.

The Source Alliance® is truly unique in that each of our nine partners has worked in a senior role in the packaging industry. In fact, we have well over 191 combined years of experience covering all sectors of the packaging industry from blow molded plastic or glass bottles, metal cans and closures to paperboard or barrier, shelf-stable containers. There is no other group in the industry that has the breadth and depth of contacts and field of prospects that we offer. We know the industry and do not have to be taught about your particular niche. With the depth of our networking ability, we know where and how to reach the ‘top performers’ in the industry in the shortest amount of time; the professionals who will assure you a competitive edge. These are the employees who will make a real difference in your company’s performance and The Source Alliance® partners know where and how to find them. When you work with The Source Alliance® , we believe you will immediately see a difference in recruiting process we use in our business to find the very best talent.

Key features of this process include:

We know what questions to ask your hiring managers.
We implement our experience and years in the packaging industry to thoroughly interview your company’s hiring managers and explore the requirements a successful candidate must possess.

We use our Alliance.
We immediately advise the entire network of individual businesses, which make up The Source Alliance® , of your search and special needs. Our database of executive talent in packaging is second to none in the industry.

We go beyond resumes.
Candidates are identified and interviewed in a special step-by-step process designed to learn as much about their personalities as we do their experience and knowledge. By the time the candidates are presented to you, our client, we know far more about this candidate than can possibly be found on a resume.

We check references – every time.
As former managers and officers of companies, we understand how the fast pace of business activity today leads to incomplete checking of references. We don’t let that happen because neither you nor we can afford it.

We maintain confidentiality.
During this process of candidate identification and qualification, your company is not identified until a candidate expresses definite interest in the position.

We prepare candidates for interviews.
It is not our job to “coach” candidates but it is our job to assure that candidates are both serious and prepared when they arrive for an interview. Your time is valuable.

We follow-through.
After a series of interviews, we continue to probe candidates, answer their questions about responsibilities, relocation, and other issues. We assist in composing and extending the offer to the candidate and negotiating any changes. When needed, we can also provide relocation assistance and cost of living comparisons.

We make it happen.
The end result of this process is to make a match, to merge the talents of a top performer with your position. This is our commitment to you – to make a successful match happen.