The Packaging Industry generates almost one trillion dollars in annual revenue, and consists of Raw Material Suppliers, Converters and End-Users as well as well as the companies who manufacture the machinery & equipment required for materials processing. Raw Material Suppliers often convert their own materials and compete with Independent Converters. The industry is dynamic, growing, and offers the widest range of career opportunities in all aspects of the business, including breaking new ground in major issues facing the environment, sustainability, recycling and globalization.

The Source Alliance recruits in all segments, and for all positions. Our primary focus is in locating mid-level and senior-level management personnel, as well as key individual contributors, for those companies who specialize in the converting of raw materials into usable packaging products.

Raw Material Suppliers
Papermills – paper, paperboard and corrugate
Plastic polymers & resin manufacturers – PE, PP, PET, Nylon and others
Glass Manufacturers – for bottles & jars
Aluminum mills – foil and can stock
Steel Mills – metal/tin can stock

Major Converting Processes & Products

  • Labels & Inserts
  • Folding Cartons & Boxes
  • Printing – Paper, Films, Labels, Cartons, Boxes
  • Extrusion, laminating, printing – Flexible Films, Foils, Paper, Bags, Pouches
  • Injection Molding – Caps, Closures, Medical Device, Custom
  • Thermoforming – Trays
  • Blow Molding – Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Beverage cans – aluminum & metal

Primary End Use Markets

  • Food
  • Food Service
  • Beverage
  • Medical-pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic-Personal Care
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial